Sunday, November 26, 2017

(Self-help) Understanding over Meaning

The word 'meaning' carries weight in our social interaction. Our beliefs, culture, and history depend on knowing and reacting to the content of meaning. Yet 'understanding' is critical to expanding those meanings and becoming aware and mindful of conflict. Let us see.
  1. Meaning comes from exposure and obedience to learning and establishing the individual in a social environment.
  2. The mind becomes opinionated, responsible, and unfortunately, (in)secure, defensive or reactionary.
  3. This occurs when the world (which is the mind) 'means' something but is limited.
  4. However, in 'understanding' how and what creates limitation (social interaction), we expand into awareness without losing meaning. 
  5. Limitations (beliefs, opinions, desires) require an 'understanding' which expands into the discovery of ourselves, mindfulness, and dissolve of conflict and division.
When the making/conditioning of the mind (you) becomes understood, that observance of structure means something to you (the individual), but you didn't stop there...