Friday, July 15, 2016


The source of something is very important to where you are in this moment; what you think, believe, love, have faith in etc. To that point, someone said to me after I asked a question, "Don't try and move me." Move them from where?  Comfort, belief or faith?  The statement is a defense mechanism or security reaction which I inadvertently triggered.

A secure reaction comes from the instability of mind and why it wants to remain where it is (bound in belief).  Because the mind is doubtful without a secure place to move to which is away from the minds source-reality of belief, value, faith, promise etc.  

Thereby if the mind is the source - a collection of fragmented thoughts - then doubt, desire, fear and uncertainty replicate within the recipient (next generation/mind) that reality.    

But when there is no resistance to move, then observance and discovery transcend security, fear and doubt as you become the source which is not a reality because there is no comparison in the response to Life's continuance.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Ip'id: Thief

For three nights, Ip'id heard noises coming from the chicken coop across the path, but didn't bother to look.  However on the third night, he was awakened by the sounds of a distressed hen - kluck! kluck! He heard, then the sound of dirt under foot.  

Looking out the window, Ip'id recognized the shadowy villager sneaking away from the neighbors chicken coop with a hen. 'He must be hungry, but respect must be headed,' Ip'id thought.

Brightly that morning, Ip'id gave the farmer the identity of the thief, and as punishment, the thief was kicked out of the village for five days and nights to think of his disrespectful actions.  

Upon his return, he angrily confronted Ip'id, "Why did you tell the farmer about me!?" he shouted.  Ip'id smiled and said, "Respectfully, it was you telling me what to do."