Thursday, May 12, 2016

Ip'id: False Profits

At the market, the vendors watched Ip'id empty out his burlap bag of potatoes. He then yelled over and over, "Come and take what you need!" But the vendors cursed him, saying, "You'll put us out of business with no profits!" But Ip'id continued.

Soon, families with children, old men and women, the crippled and blind stepped forward and took potatoes with necessity. Still the vendors heckled and threatened Ip'id which didn't deter him.  

Under the tension, Ip'id's mound of potatoes disappeared by the mouth; and before the sun anchored at mid-morning, he opened his second bag and the same occurred; the vendors retained anger. But Ip'id repeatedly advised they do as he, but they scoffed about profits.

When the market had ended, the angered vendors approached and accused Ip'id of reducing their profits; how can they compete with free food? And how will we feed our families? They said.

Ip'id then said, "Look! This is how." As he pointed to the potatoes the crowd left for them. "As we freely offer and take what is needed, we break the spell of profit and heal starvation." 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Ip'id: The Roar of Gossip

For days the villagers had rumored: a respected man was with someone other than his wife. Gossip quickly mounted and spread. 

Soon Ip'id caught an earful by a nosy neighbor, who elaborated on moral principle and his own sound benediction of marriage. 

In response, Ip'id merely said, "Wait." And that was that in his mind. 
The nosy neighbor responded, "Fool! He's proven himself unfaithful - and in public."  
And Ip'id said, "Wait." 

Just then the man in question walked with the women and the nosy neighbor spoke harshly to them." How dare you cheat with this wench, and in public. Shame upon you!" The neighbor turned quickly and triumphantly to Ip'id. "See! Now do you believe me!?!"

"Wait." Ip'id said.
"Ip'id," the respected man recognized his friend, "may I introduce my sister..." he spoke at ease.
A week later, the villagers began gossiping about the nosy neighbor and how he rushed to judgment.