Friday, April 29, 2016

Ip'id: Lessons from a Cat and Bird

A baby bird had fallen from its nest, and Ip'id heard it's distressed call while he walked in the garden. But the black garden cat heard it as well. Yet Ip'id didn't notice until the black cat run past him towards the chirps.  

After a few steps, Ip'id saw the black cat had slowed; the body low to the grown, the head still as a windless night and the eyes fixed on a spot in the grass.  Suddenly! The mother bird dove from the sky and landed a safe distance from the cat, then fluttered as if grounded by broken wings. 

The cats attention turned, as a bigger meal presented itself at his advantage. Ip'id was captivated by the rare event, and watched as the tireless cycle of Life persisted. How beautiful - 'This is my life.' he thought.

Meanwhile the mother bird leapt as the cat pounced in a 'dance of death', and the baby bird remained still in the protective grass. Ip'id was captivated how mother and chick worked as one.  

And Ip'id, for a moment, desired intervention, "But no." he mused. "What is there to fear? And who am I to deprive the cat of the chance at feeding itself." And he walked on. 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Ip'id: Meditations Way

I’ve heard--For the first time, Ip’id was living without family in order to expand beyond 'mind'.  Still, at times, he felt empty and alone - what to do? 

For months his mind asked, 'Search for someone to help relieve me of this burden.' Ip'id tried outward stimulation but no relief came. Finally, he decided to leave the village at the advice of his neighbor, the one he made fun of. 

The old man explained, “The one you seek is down this road. Walk long enough and he will find you."  Enthused, Ip’id headed down the road until he grew tired and then rested under a rubber tree. As he rested, he asked a passerby, explained himself, and the stranger replied, “Continue on this road and you will meet him.” 

Ip’id grew excited and leaped to his feet and walked the rest of the day. At night he slept on the bare earth.  The next morning, he asked another passerby and was told, “Go back where you’ve come.” Undeterred, Ip’id did as instructed until he arrived in the village at the end of the day. To his old neighbor, he asked, and was told, 

"Yes, there is someone waiting in your house. Ip’id ran like a child into his house, but it was empty.  Just then the old man stuck his head in the doorway and said, “Ip’id! Are you going to sit there meditating for the third day?” Ip’id laughed as the search for himself began to end.  

Ip'id: A Bird in Hand

I have heard--When Ip'id was ten, he and his mother stood on the dusty path and watched as the Region Circus marched into the village; there were camels, pigs, brahma cows, chickens and people with physical abnormalities.  

Suddenly! To Ip'id's left! Movement! A small brown and black bird had fallen from the nest. It was fully feathered, but too young to take flight. As Ip'id pursued the bird with his childish enthusiasm, the creature ran in fear. Ip'ids mother watched calmly, and knew her son wouldn't hurt the bird.  

Finally Ip'ids hands cornered and gently scooped up the frightened bird. Then Ip'id grew curious as the bird stopped chirping when his hands 'cupped' around it - it now sat quietly in his hands as if nested.

"What are you going to do with it?" His mother asked so that he made a choice about life and freedom without her guidance. 
"I'm going to keep it and feed it...and then I'll let it go when it can fly." Ip'id said ideally.
"And what of it's mother? She'll be looking for it," she looked in the trees as she spoke.

However Ip'ids face was decided, as he stared with wonder at the tiny creature; his first such encounter. At their home, the bird didn't eat the bread crumbs, dead moths or fly's and Ip'id grew frustrated with his plans. But his parents said nothing.

Two days later, the bird died of starvation and Ip'id witnessed death by his hand for the first time. Ip'id was saddened by his actions in knowing he was the cause.  His father said, "That bird will remain in your heart until you understand life...that will you free of it."  
"What have you learned my son?" his mother asked.   
"Stay by your side when the circus passes." Ip'id frowned.