Saturday, March 26, 2016

Ip'id: Lessons in a Tavern

I have heard--the men in the tavern were having the time with a young teen girl who found the bottom of a wine mug too often.   The men meant no real harm, but the look in her eyes told a different tale, as her attempts to leave were blocked which corralled her in the center of the room.  Her "please" for mercy fell on the drunk crowd. The laughter was rough, deep and wild as her purring voice unleashed the men's childish fantasy's kept hidden from 'the wives.'

At the table, her younger sister was held back by massive hands--she yells without fear of retribution at the breech of morality and dignity.  Finally, her teeth dug into the thick hairy hand gripped at her forearm--the release lead her quickly to her sisters side.  Now both sit huddled on the ale stained floor.  

To the sisters, its now clear the wisdom of their parents about "Those filthy places." And 'why' not to sneak out of the house, what the fear is, and what happens from drinking ale or wine.  

Suddenly! There was silence.  As everyone watched the sannyasin walk through the entrance calmly.  After seeing the sisters on the floor, he said, "Ahh! Gale! Clare! Found a few good men, have ya?" he jested, then ordered water and left the tavern. He said nothing of the scene nor to anyone while the girls slowly stood and ran from the tavern.     

Outside, the girls approached Ip'id.  They said, "Thank you, sannyasin.  Those men are beasts!" 
He said, "All men need but a second to observe their true potential, and you your parents wisdom." 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Ip'id: Everything Happens for a Reason?

You've heard this statement: Everything happens for a reason.

What is reason?  Generally, the justifying support for action towards desire, supporting belief. Interestingly, reason takes on positive and negative forms and shapes.  Like the school bully gets sick on the banana he stole from a boy earlier.  The boys sees the positive, the bully the negative.    

Suppose you meet a stranger while shopping, and you find they're in a position to help you with your cherished desires.  You're a Fiction Writer and they a Publisher.  What a coincidence! What luck!  Or is it?  Were there not beliefs, dreams and desire before meeting this person?  And now that circumstance and coincidence align, we say, "Everything happens for a reason."  On the other hand, lets say you never meet them and simply made an appointment with them and that's it.  Note, we generally don't hear that someone gets a job!

It seems the circumstance and coincidence align which inspires the divine, holy or spiritual fantasy behind the "chance" meeting, which is rooted in our beliefs.  We want a sense of being guided by a 'higher' power since our powers are weak.  

Observe - are not all reasons social, and created through belief, value, faith, fear, desire etc.?  We share them--mine are yours.  Are not all our reasons a sign of a mind struggling for a shared/rooted reality? A reason is a simple form of justifying and fulfilling desire which are motivated by belief, faith or culture.  Did I write this for a reason?

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Ip'id: Is a Rose is a Rose

The way the human mind interprets or sees the world is expressed with names; one for her, him or it/rose.  A rose is beautiful, and most would agree and some not.  It doesn't matter which side one takes because it is still not reality, but an interpreted name.

The name will divide the rose into fragments of like and dislike or some form of definition.  The rose itself is unaware of the constant comparisons, unaware of the like or dislike - the rose is but a reality, not a name.  And what is reality?  Whatever conclusion one comes to, that too is but a name, not reality.  As reality is not a division or name - it is like the air we all share.

Humans and roses share the planet; a reality and cannot be argued with.  We need not know each other or even realize the other exists and if pursued by the acquiring mind, the true self or reality of the rose is never experienced because of the name and information behind it interprets division, thereby, the true nature or reality is never observed.  

Often because the name has become important - to the ego/self - Life is missed by not experiencing reality, because the unaware mind interprets.  But a rose is a rose, not a name.