Wednesday, February 3, 2016


In a modern world, Desire is motivated by image, ego and the progressive mind of thought. A mind that moves forward within its own isolated action or security. The mind is along so goals and wants are a security for the image and ego.  

To desire something outside of our natural intelligence is never to have a connection with it.    We are then left with a Desire for a life and fulfillment in order to escape the emptiness, fear, misunderstandings, expectations, uncertainty and doubts of living.

If we were born among the trees, a Desire would be relevant to the environment and so would motivation.  No conflict would arise. We would be motivated to fetch water, hunt and eat, for instance, because it is relative to ourselves, others and environment.  There is no fear in that.

We would not Desire it because we would never have been without it in a natural realm of plenty.  A Desire is of that which is unfulfilled, empty or a substitute for reality and intelligence.  To be with desire is a separation and with it a completeness. 

We arrive a desire-less existence when the mind/we discover the natural cooperation that is existence and intelligence.