Wednesday, July 5, 2017

"How" are we different?

Why is there contention with the idea and belief that humans are different from another? There is a social and cultural belief that 'we're all different'; think and learn differently and on different paths in life. As the world struggles for unity, what purpose does 'difference' serve?

The Minds Influence
  • From birth, humans are culturally conditioned, ideally to be responsible individuals by which we become divided.
  • It is from this division, we perceive ourselves to be separated from the environment, thus, each other and Life.
  • This division is the individual (mind) reacting on its own behalf, as if alone and unrelatable to anything outside itself; which is the beginning of social and personal loneliness. 
Clarifying Difference 
  • Understanding the mind, our behavior and actions are essential.
  • Ask if there is a social or interactive need to be different?
  • Of what purpose, other than egoic, do we assure difference?
  • If the world is divided ideally, socially, stately, religiously etc., is this not the reaction of the cultured, responsible individual? That which is isolated from the environment, yet needs and searches for unity? 
I offer this observation, it is up to you to expand on it.