Sunday, May 15, 2016

Ip'id: A Lamb and Chicken Talk

Ip'id leaned against the fencing of his neighbors farm, he watched the animals herd about routinely. There was a sense of calm he enjoyed; not always found with humans.

Over by the barn he wondered, and as he approached close enough, he heard the chicken and lamb in conversation. The chicken said...

"I'm scared. All my family and friends are taken away and we never see them again. I've heard the humans are eating us."
"But humans are vegetarians! Look at their teeth, hands and feet; they're not made for killing and tearing flesh." The lamb noted wisely. 
"Do they eat lamb?" The chicken stared and wondered.
"I don't know what a lamb is because they strip me and watch me walk around naked without my wool coat."
"The perverts!" Snapped the chicken and the lamb agreed.