Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Ip'id: Prepared for Heaven

A women of religious faith believed that through scripture she was finally prepared to be allowed into heaven.  Cradled in happiness, she ran from church in search of Ip'id and found him sitting in the garden under a shade tree.

In all her excitement she stopped before him and said, "Ip'id, I have listened and learned the scriptures, and I will ascend into the gates of heaven.  Are you prepared, Ip'id?" She looked at him with doubt as he never spoke of heaven or scripture as a belief.

Ip'id slowly opened his eyes into alertness and gazed warmly up at Kara, as she smiled back.  She knew that Ip'id would be truthful and honest as most were not.

"Kara, ask your faith why it prepares for death and not Life." Feeling offended, she starts to protest, then he said, "See yourself -observe that you do not live while preparing for death." 
"But I'm alive!" She shouted down on him.
"Are you trying to convince me...or you?" Ip'id then closed his eyes and fell silent, as she felt...suddenly unprepared.