Friday, April 15, 2016

Ip'id: The Golden Egg

A duck walked into the barn and announced that she’s laid a yellow egg.  The other animals agreed that it was strange, but said nothing more because they know nothing of color.  

However, the farmer recognized that it was a golden egg and worth ten times his farm.  So he and his wife sold the egg and become rich; they then sold the farm that left the animals to leave and live in the forest.  

Meanwhile, the farmer and his wife bought a big house, and filled it with expensive things that led to village taxes.  Before long, they were unable to keep pace with the luxuries and were quickly penniless, in debt and forced to leave their home under threats from the land owners.

They moaned, “All this because of a golden egg?”  

Now homeless, the farmer and his wife stood by the road and wondered what to do – the animals saw them and the duck spoke, “I’ve laid two more yellow eggs, and with one of them, we bought the farm back and with the other paid your debt.”  
“Thank you so much,” said the farmer and wife. “You did all that for our farm?”
Our farm??” the duck and other animals smiled.