Thursday, April 14, 2016

Ip'id: Worlds Collide

Ip'id found: In a relationship, two things are taking place: the individuals are trying to live and communicate through desires. Ironically this form of communication is without function because the root of their lives is a conditioned desire or a meaning.  As Life is not a meaning, the two lives never connect with harmony and balance.

Social cooperation - as a meaning - is a reflection of personal desires, wants and needs which hinders whatever natural cooperation there is. As desires and wants overshadow any form of communication that is rooted at the core of the individual/humanity.

Interestingly when one is alone, one functions better than the two desirous worlds coming together and trying to function as one. This is noted by human interaction with a stranger which is generally without a 'collision of conflict'.  Be aware - the closer one is to someone, the more the conflict and collision of worlds.

Beware of this action, be mindful and in doing so, one gradually awakens to the observance of division and 'colliding of desirous worlds'.  As reaction to the 'collision of desires' fades, functioning in the light of Life's cooperation rises.