Sunday, August 6, 2017


The source of something is very important to where you are in this moment; what you think, believe, love, have faith in etc. To that point, after I asked a question, the reply was, "Don't try and move me." Move them from where?  Comfort, belief or faith?  The defensive statement is a social mechanism or security reaction which I inadvertently triggered. But how do we see it in ourselves?

  1. Basically, people 'believe' in things personally, relationships and world events. In short, secure reactions come from the inability of mind to understand why it wants to remain where it is (believing). 
  2. In the face of threats or introduction to contradictions in ones belief, we/the mind become doubtful without a secure place or belief to move to. Doubt is the reaction or disconnection from the source. Or not wanting to be moved from a secure place.
  3. Thereby if the mind is the source; a collection of fragmented thoughts then doubt, desire, fear, and uncertainty replicate a false sense of source. Because the source of something is not divisive.     
Consider the source of yourself and the world (God or evolution), where you (not the thinking you) as humanity derived. Should you experience division and reactions expressing fear, doubt, dislike or rejection, be aware, mindful that these are opposites of the loving source we wish to emulate in the universe.