Thursday, December 21, 2017

Ip'id: Cooperation

Ip'id taught: In the modern mind, cultural and traditional thinking or expectations arise from social cooperation.  For example, married couples expect love, support, faith, value or beliefs from the other. It is part of marriage or form of cooperation which reflects a marriage within the governance of tradition and culture.
  • But then one must question 'cooperation' if it leads to conflict, violence, and division, as seen in divorce, separation, domestic violence and forms of depression.  How does a list of expectations become quelled by 'expectation' itself?  This will result in the opposite effect, as expectations lead to 'division' if the act is unfulfilled.
  • A relationship based on expectation does not have the natural balance of cooperation or fundamental unity, therefore, it will eventually fail due to an imbalanced structure.  But there are those who believe love is real and can be everlasting, but those minds have resigned to their fate/security and react without self-study or observance. This is not a criticism.
A studied/observant mind comes to the realization that it is out of balance/harmony, and therefore, reconnects with intelligence which is the birth of natural cooperation or a whole response. Watch children at play and see this fact.