Friday, March 4, 2016

Ip'id: Comparison

Ip'id mused: What is there to compare in Life? First what is Life?  Isn't that what is to be asked first?  Are we living Life or just Living? Obviously when we speak of divisions there are comparisons and divisions seen in our social interaction.

There will be a distinct difference in the question and the reply in direct relationship with Living or Life.  Take Living:

  • Living questions are progressive
  • Living is goal or reward oriented
  • Living is conflict and illusory
  • Living involves everything that is given to you; identity, purpose etc.
In Living we see the confusion, division and tension of progression as one is never fulfilled, calm or whole.  Because living with comparisons is fragmented, thereby, one seeks goals to fill that void. Take Life:
  • What is there to seek when one is whole and connected with the source of intelligence, stillness and vitality?
  • Life is without comparisons to Living, or unto itself.  What is there to compare?  There is no where to go, because one is already the thing that is most important and real to existence.  
  • With Life you are born complete, with all that is necessary to exist without limits.
If you have a reply or comparison then you have discovered which you are entangled in.