Sunday, May 15, 2016

Ip'id: A Lamb and Chicken Talk

Ip'id leaned against the fencing of his neighbors farm, he watched the animals herd about routinely. There was a sense of calm he enjoyed; not always found with humans.

Over by the barn he wondered, and as he approached close enough, he heard the chicken and lamb in conversation. The chicken said...

"I'm scared. All my family and friends are taken away and we never see them again. I've heard the humans are eating us."
"But humans are vegetarians! Look at their teeth, hands and feet; they're not made for killing and tearing flesh." The lamb noted wisely. 
"Do they eat lamb?" The chicken stared and wondered.
"I don't know what a lamb is because they strip me and watch me walk around naked without my wool coat."
"The perverts!" Snapped the chicken and the lamb agreed.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Ip'id: False Profits

At the market, the vendors watched Ip'id empty out his burlap bag of potatoes. He then yelled over and over, "Come and take what you need!" But the vendors cursed him, saying, "You'll put us out of business with no profits!" But Ip'id continued.

Soon, families with children, old men and women, the crippled and blind stepped forward and took potatoes with necessity. Still the vendors heckled and threatened Ip'id which didn't deter him.  

Under the tension, Ip'id's mound of potatoes disappeared by the mouth; and before the sun anchored at mid-morning, he opened his second bag and the same occurred; the vendors retained anger. But Ip'id repeatedly advised they do as he, but they scoffed about profits.

When the market had ended, the angered vendors approached and accused Ip'id of reducing their profits; how can they compete with free food? And how will we feed our families? They said.

Ip'id then said, "Look! This is how." As he pointed to the potatoes the crowd left for them. "As we freely offer and take what is needed, we break the spell of profit and heal starvation." 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Ip'id: The Roar of Gossip

For days the villagers had rumored: a respected man was with someone other than his wife. Gossip quickly mounted and spread. 

Soon Ip'id caught an earful by a nosy neighbor, who elaborated on moral principle and his own sound benediction of marriage. 

In response, Ip'id merely said, "Wait." And that was that in his mind. 
The nosy neighbor responded, "Fool! He's proven himself unfaithful - and in public."  
And Ip'id said, "Wait." 

Just then the man in question walked with the women and the nosy neighbor spoke harshly to them." How dare you cheat with this wench, and in public. Shame upon you!" The neighbor turned quickly and triumphantly to Ip'id. "See! Now do you believe me!?!"

"Wait." Ip'id said.
"Ip'id," the respected man recognized his friend, "may I introduce my sister..." he spoke at ease.
A week later, the villagers began gossiping about the nosy neighbor and how he rushed to judgment. 

Friday, May 6, 2016

Ip'id: Unknowable

I have heard-- Fourteen year old Ip'id was invited to the home of Dahgi, his friend, for a gathering. But Ip'id refused, as it was uncomfortable getting to "know" others.  He felt it unnecessary. 'Why can't people just be?' Ip'id mused. 

But at Dahgi's insistence, Ip'id conceded. There were girls after all. Just as Ip'id expected, a few girls, Boonchii and Nahdi were present and knew of his studies as an ascetic. But to Ip'id's unknowing, Shri, the socialite from the next village was invited; a nosy one.  

With Dahgi by Ip'id's side, Shri approached, escorted by Boonchii and Nahdi. Shri asked, "Well, what do you study, Ip'id?" she spoke in a quick and impatient manner.
"Whatever...the teacher...assigns," Ip'id purposely labored a reply.
"Clever, aren't you? And what is that?" she looks quickly at Boonchii and Nahdi as if empowered and in control.
"Things...of the mind," he knows she doesn't care.  
"Nahdi says you sleep outside. Why?" she said disapprovingly.
"Because...I'm...tired," he said rationally.
"That's not right to sleep outside," she frowned. "And Boonchii said you don't eat lamb." 
"No, not even when its dead." The girls giggled, and Shri felt abashed. 
"Why? All of faith eat -" her face contorted roughly as affect of his silly remarks and interruption. 
"Shri! Humans are unknowable," Ip'id presented a smile, then said, "like the endless task of counting stars - search yourself to realize this truth." 
"You fool!" her face cracked with anger. "What does that mean!?!" she spat intolerantly.  
Inwardly annoyed with Shri, Ip'id stopped talking as illustration while Boonchii, Nahdi and Dahgi grinned. 
"Why don't you answer me!?!" Shri fumed uncomfortably at Ip'id. 
"He is," Dahgi observed, "or have you stopped trying to know him?"  

Friday, April 29, 2016

Ip'id: Lessons from a Cat and Bird

A baby bird had fallen from its nest, and Ip'id heard it's distressed call while he walked in the garden. But the black garden cat heard it as well. Yet Ip'id didn't notice until the black cat run past him towards the chirps.  

After a few steps, Ip'id saw the black cat had slowed; the body low to the grown, the head still as a windless night and the eyes fixed on a spot in the grass.  Suddenly! The mother bird dove from the sky and landed a safe distance from the cat, then fluttered as if grounded by broken wings. 

The cats attention turned, as a bigger meal presented itself at his advantage. Ip'id was captivated by the rare event, and watched as the tireless cycle of Life persisted. How beautiful - 'This is my life.' he thought.

Meanwhile the mother bird leapt as the cat pounced in a 'dance of death', and the baby bird remained still in the protective grass. Ip'id was captivated how mother and chick worked as one.  

And Ip'id, for a moment, desired intervention, "But no." he mused. "What is there to fear? And who am I to deprive the cat of the chance at feeding itself." And he walked on. 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Ip'id: Meditations Way

I’ve heard--For the first time, Ip’id was living without family in order to expand beyond 'mind'.  Still, at times, he felt empty and alone - what to do? 

For months his mind asked, 'Search for someone to help relieve me of this burden.' Ip'id tried outward stimulation but no relief came. Finally, he decided to leave the village at the advice of his neighbor, the one he made fun of. 

The old man explained, “The one you seek is down this road. Walk long enough and he will find you."  Enthused, Ip’id headed down the road until he grew tired and then rested under a rubber tree. As he rested, he asked a passerby, explained himself, and the stranger replied, “Continue on this road and you will meet him.” 

Ip’id grew excited and leaped to his feet and walked the rest of the day. At night he slept on the bare earth.  The next morning, he asked another passerby and was told, “Go back where you’ve come.” Undeterred, Ip’id did as instructed until he arrived in the village at the end of the day. To his old neighbor, he asked, and was told, 

"Yes, there is someone waiting in your house. Ip’id ran like a child into his house, but it was empty.  Just then the old man stuck his head in the doorway and said, “Ip’id! Are you going to sit there meditating for the third day?” Ip’id laughed as the search for himself began to end.  

Ip'id: A Bird in Hand

I have heard--When Ip'id was ten, he and his mother stood on the dusty path and watched as the Region Circus marched into the village; there were camels, pigs, brahma cows, chickens and people with physical abnormalities.  

Suddenly! To Ip'id's left! Movement! A small brown and black bird had fallen from the nest. It was fully feathered, but too young to take flight. As Ip'id pursued the bird with his childish enthusiasm, the creature ran in fear. Ip'ids mother watched calmly, and knew her son wouldn't hurt the bird.  

Finally Ip'ids hands cornered and gently scooped up the frightened bird. Then Ip'id grew curious as the bird stopped chirping when his hands 'cupped' around it - it now sat quietly in his hands as if nested.

"What are you going to do with it?" His mother asked so that he made a choice about life and freedom without her guidance. 
"I'm going to keep it and feed it...and then I'll let it go when it can fly." Ip'id said ideally.
"And what of it's mother? She'll be looking for it," she looked in the trees as she spoke.

However Ip'ids face was decided, as he stared with wonder at the tiny creature; his first such encounter. At their home, the bird didn't eat the bread crumbs, dead moths or fly's and Ip'id grew frustrated with his plans. But his parents said nothing.

Two days later, the bird died of starvation and Ip'id witnessed death by his hand for the first time. Ip'id was saddened by his actions in knowing he was the cause.  His father said, "That bird will remain in your heart until you understand life...that will you free of it."  
"What have you learned my son?" his mother asked.   
"Stay by your side when the circus passes." Ip'id frowned.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Ip'id: The Merchant

A young girl was trying to get to the hospital to see her dying mother, but she didn’t have any shoes to get throw the fields of thorns which surrounded the village hospital.  The villagers couldn’t help because they too were poor.  How does she find a way? 

One day a merchant selling household items came to the village--he setup his wagon and began to call, “Come one, come all! Find what you need for it is free!” Ha! Ha! Ha! Come!”  After hearing his call, the young girl ran to him.

“Do you have a pair of shoes for my feet so I can get through the thorn fields that surround the hospital?” she said hopefully.  
“First, why do you need shoes?” he said, looking at her feet, “Your feet will take you where you need to go,” he assured.
“My mother is dying in the hospital, but I need shoes to get through the thorns,” she replied. 
“I see.  Do you have five cents?” She shook her head “no”.  
“But you said you had what I needed,” she pressed.
“I have just given it…what you need,” he said wisely. 
“But I need shoes!” her voice angry.
“Be gone child,” he said finally, “customers are coming.” 
She turned sadly away, thinking of her dying mother. 

He watched as she ran out of his sight.  In the hospital, her mother is lying in bed with her eyes closed; she opens them when she feels a hand slide into hers.  She sees her daughter standing, out of breath and with bloody feet.  “My child,” her eyes warm. “How did you get here with no money and no shoes?” she spoke, “A Merchant was kind enough to give me the 'courage' to get to you,” she said wisely.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Ip'id: The Golden Egg

A duck walked into the barn and announced that she’s laid a yellow egg.  The other animals agreed that it was strange, but said nothing more because they know nothing of color.  

However, the farmer recognized that it was a golden egg and worth ten times his farm.  So he and his wife sold the egg and become rich; they then sold the farm that left the animals to leave and live in the forest.  

Meanwhile, the farmer and his wife bought a big house, and filled it with expensive things that led to village taxes.  Before long, they were unable to keep pace with the luxuries and were quickly penniless, in debt and forced to leave their home under threats from the land owners.

They moaned, “All this because of a golden egg?”  

Now homeless, the farmer and his wife stood by the road and wondered what to do – the animals saw them and the duck spoke, “I’ve laid two more yellow eggs, and with one of them, we bought the farm back and with the other paid your debt.”  
“Thank you so much,” said the farmer and wife. “You did all that for our farm?”
Our farm??” the duck and other animals smiled.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Ip'id: Worlds Collide

Ip'id found: In a relationship, two things are taking place: the individuals are trying to live and communicate through desires. Ironically this form of communication is without function because the root of their lives is a conditioned desire or a meaning.  As Life is not a meaning, the two lives never connect with harmony and balance.

Social cooperation - as a meaning - is a reflection of personal desires, wants and needs which hinders whatever natural cooperation there is. As desires and wants overshadow any form of communication that is rooted at the core of the individual/humanity.

Interestingly when one is alone, one functions better than the two desirous worlds coming together and trying to function as one. This is noted by human interaction with a stranger which is generally without a 'collision of conflict'.  Be aware - the closer one is to someone, the more the conflict and collision of worlds.

Beware of this action, be mindful and in doing so, one gradually awakens to the observance of division and 'colliding of desirous worlds'.  As reaction to the 'collision of desires' fades, functioning in the light of Life's cooperation rises.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Ip'id: Prepared for Heaven

A women of religious faith believed that through scripture she was finally prepared to be allowed into heaven.  Cradled in happiness, she ran from church in search of Ip'id and found him sitting in the garden under a shade tree.

In all her excitement she stopped before him and said, "Ip'id, I have listened and learned the scriptures, and I will ascend into the gates of heaven.  Are you prepared, Ip'id?" She looked at him with doubt as he never spoke of heaven or scripture as a belief.

Ip'id slowly opened his eyes into alertness and gazed warmly up at Kara, as she smiled back.  She knew that Ip'id would be truthful and honest as most were not.

"Kara, ask your faith why it prepares for death and not Life." Feeling offended, she starts to protest, then he said, "See yourself -observe that you do not live while preparing for death." 
"But I'm alive!" She shouted down on him.
"Are you trying to convince me...or you?" Ip'id then closed his eyes and fell silent, as she felt...suddenly unprepared.  

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Ip'id: Fear of the Blind

I have heard -- Ip'id was walking in his village, and saw a blind man waiting to cross the busy path; full of carts, animals, shoppers and sellers.  In an instant Ip'id felt needed.

Ip'id went to him an offered assistance, and the blind man agreed to be helped; he grasped Ip'id's arm, and tucked his stick under his arm as it was not needed - Ip'id felt good about that.

But as they reached the other side, the blind man asked to be returned from where they had come, but under one condition.  He asked Ip'id to close his eyes, and use his stick.  Ip'id didn't understand the meaning - didn't I do a good deed?

Ip'id then asked, "What is the meaning of this?"
"You feared I was helpless, and your fear lead you to me, now it is time for me to guide you to yours."  The man smiled as Ip'id closed his eyes...

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Ip'id: Hungry Boys

I have heard--Ip'id was standing on the dirt road in his village when two skinny boys ran by, each with a chicken under his arm.  Behind them the old rich farmer was chasing them down. As he passed, Ip'id stuck his leg out and tripped him.  He fell to the ground in a heap of dust.

The next day, Ip'id saw the boys again with potatoes in each hand, followed by the rich old farmer, and Ip'id tripped him again.  

The third day, the same, only the boys were carrying bags of corn flour.  Ip'id tripped the man for a third time, and angrily the old farmer jumped to his feet and screamed, "WHY DO YOU KEEP TRIPPING ME!?! His face was red with rage as Ip'id stood tall and calm as if his heart were in the right place.  

The tired skinny boys looked-on from the bushes, and listened and wondered who this person was who helped them.

"Answer me!! Damn you!!" Roared the rich old farmer as he stared at Ip'id.  But Ip'id merely studied the old familiar face. Then he spoke, "Because I too was once chased by you as a hungry boy...but back then you always caught me."  

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Ip'id: Lessons in a Tavern

I have heard--the men in the tavern were having the time with a young teen girl who found the bottom of a wine mug too often.   The men meant no real harm, but the look in her eyes told a different tale, as her attempts to leave were blocked which corralled her in the center of the room.  Her "please" for mercy fell on the drunk crowd. The laughter was rough, deep and wild as her purring voice unleashed the men's childish fantasy's kept hidden from 'the wives.'

At the table, her younger sister was held back by massive hands--she yells without fear of retribution at the breech of morality and dignity.  Finally, her teeth dug into the thick hairy hand gripped at her forearm--the release lead her quickly to her sisters side.  Now both sit huddled on the ale stained floor.  

To the sisters, its now clear the wisdom of their parents about "Those filthy places." And 'why' not to sneak out of the house, what the fear is, and what happens from drinking ale or wine.  

Suddenly! There was silence.  As everyone watched the sannyasin walk through the entrance calmly.  After seeing the sisters on the floor, he said, "Ahh! Gale! Clare! Found a few good men, have ya?" he jested, then ordered water and left the tavern. He said nothing of the scene nor to anyone while the girls slowly stood and ran from the tavern.     

Outside, the girls approached Ip'id.  They said, "Thank you, sannyasin.  Those men are beasts!" 
He said, "All men need but a second to observe their true potential, and you your parents wisdom." 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Ip'id: Everything Happens for a Reason?

You've heard this statement: Everything happens for a reason.

What is reason?  Generally, the justifying support for action towards desire, supporting belief. Interestingly, reason takes on positive and negative forms and shapes.  Like the school bully gets sick on the banana he stole from a boy earlier.  The boys sees the positive, the bully the negative.    

Suppose you meet a stranger while shopping, and you find they're in a position to help you with your cherished desires.  You're a Fiction Writer and they a Publisher.  What a coincidence! What luck!  Or is it?  Were there not beliefs, dreams and desire before meeting this person?  And now that circumstance and coincidence align, we say, "Everything happens for a reason."  On the other hand, lets say you never meet them and simply made an appointment with them and that's it.  Note, we generally don't hear that someone gets a job!

It seems the circumstance and coincidence align which inspires the divine, holy or spiritual fantasy behind the "chance" meeting, which is rooted in our beliefs.  We want a sense of being guided by a 'higher' power since our powers are weak.  

Observe - are not all reasons social, and created through belief, value, faith, fear, desire etc.?  We share them--mine are yours.  Are not all our reasons a sign of a mind struggling for a shared/rooted reality? A reason is a simple form of justifying and fulfilling desire which are motivated by belief, faith or culture.  Did I write this for a reason?

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Ip'id: Is a Rose is a Rose

The way the human mind interprets or sees the world is expressed with names; one for her, him or it/rose.  A rose is beautiful, and most would agree and some not.  It doesn't matter which side one takes because it is still not reality, but an interpreted name.

The name will divide the rose into fragments of like and dislike or some form of definition.  The rose itself is unaware of the constant comparisons, unaware of the like or dislike - the rose is but a reality, not a name.  And what is reality?  Whatever conclusion one comes to, that too is but a name, not reality.  As reality is not a division or name - it is like the air we all share.

Humans and roses share the planet; a reality and cannot be argued with.  We need not know each other or even realize the other exists and if pursued by the acquiring mind, the true self or reality of the rose is never experienced because of the name and information behind it interprets division, thereby, the true nature or reality is never observed.  

Often because the name has become important - to the ego/self - Life is missed by not experiencing reality, because the unaware mind interprets.  But a rose is a rose, not a name.  

Friday, March 4, 2016

Ip'id: Comparison

Ip'id mused: What is there to compare in Life? First what is Life?  Isn't that what is to be asked first?  Are we living Life or just Living? Obviously when we speak of divisions there are comparisons and divisions seen in our social interaction.

There will be a distinct difference in the question and the reply in direct relationship with Living or Life.  Take Living:

  • Living questions are progressive
  • Living is goal or reward oriented
  • Living is conflict and illusory
  • Living involves everything that is given to you; identity, purpose etc.
In Living we see the confusion, division and tension of progression as one is never fulfilled, calm or whole.  Because living with comparisons is fragmented, thereby, one seeks goals to fill that void. Take Life:
  • What is there to seek when one is whole and connected with the source of intelligence, stillness and vitality?
  • Life is without comparisons to Living, or unto itself.  What is there to compare?  There is no where to go, because one is already the thing that is most important and real to existence.  
  • With Life you are born complete, with all that is necessary to exist without limits.
If you have a reply or comparison then you have discovered which you are entangled in.