Sunday, December 27, 2015

Belief and Afterlife

The process of 'belief' is more important than the belief itself as one thing comes before the other in a progressive mind, which is the present conscious state of humanity.

Without the root there is no flower and without the soil no root.  This is an example of progressive thinking, again which is our conditioned state.  In the mind, one thing comes before the other, as in everything has a root to progress from.     

The Afterlife is born from a mind that is not in contact with Life.  It "thinks" its alive and living.  But if we are it - Life - it is not a question or a desire to be fulfilled.  Look closely, why is living so dissatisfying that an afterlife is required?  Because a mind guided by the belief that living ends will require and afterlife to fill the emptiness from the limits of living.    

We have to observe this for ourselves.  There is only the struggle and hope of the afterlife, if one is disconnected with Life, because Life is a continuance, not an ending.