Monday, August 24, 2015

Illusions of Individuality #155

How is it possible to be an Individual?  Are we not sharing the same education, history, desires, sorrow, fear etc.?...Everything that is consciousness?   

Why would “thought” and “consciousness” not be shared?  Are we not teaching our children with this shared experience?  Which came from our parents, educational system and teachers?  What we learn is what we become and react to.  This is conditioning.

This is a shared experience, not an individual choice or belief.  No one chooses to be conditioned.  Choice is the individual justifying its belief, history, education etc. or the reaction of conditioning.  It isn't real thing or why justify?  Because when we are rooted, there is no comparison.  

And what is the purpose of individualism?  A place where the ego and image can justify its knowledge and belief?  
Sharing is not a distant thing; it is close, real, life and evolution. Life is source, law, timeless; the individual is the illusion.