Saturday, April 18, 2015

Actuality and the False#22

You’re thinking of becoming a singer, lawyer, teacher, athlete and so forth but this is false.  Is it a false pursuit? Is it indeed an actuality?   
When someone says “I’m a singer”, are they?  The mind will tell us we are, but there is no connection with anything but the ego.  Still, are they not just a human being acting the part?  Is part of something the whole?  We don’t partially try singing; we do or don’t.  Life isn’t partially taking place, we’re not partially alive, thus, there is the promise of being a singer which is a false thing or imagined.
Let me put it this way; a cat is born to be a creature of earth, not a cat, tiger or lion.  The cat is unaware of our human game, so it just acts like a cat no matter what we teach it to do.  This is an actuality.  
There is nothing false about a cat being a cat, but there is about a human trying to be a singer.  Please, don’t be offended if you are.  
Note that if you cut your hand, what happens?  You bleed instantly but at a micro-level, the body is reacting to the actuality of this reality.  The body isn’t thinking about reacting, it is; just as people are not born to do false things in a false environment created by man.  

Therefore, undo the false singer and become the actuality of the cat.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Action/non action #21

Are action and non-action related?
In our daily thinking, we see through beliefs; justification for culture, tradition, history, love and faith.  
By thinking, we implying something is moving from a sorrowful place to one of clarity. For example, we believe action is good for getting things done, brighter future and a good life.  
Realize that thought is not an action and that non-action is represented by the following. 
    • Fear, rules, expectation, doubt, desire and belief.
    • Indecision about oneself, others and the future. 
    • Troubled by the days, tomorrow and yesterday.
    • Conflict with friends or yourself.

Looking closely at non-action, (seeing the origin and purpose of boundaries) frees us to experience the full exhilaration of action in its purest forms.  That means--
    • Recognize that boundaries (rules, procedures, fear) are within us. 
    • Be honest with yourself, and see that you are a limited being. (Don’t see it as a criticism)
    • Meditation frees us of our non-action behavior, reacting as a transcending action.

As we all desire freedom, understanding non-action, frees us into action and from form.