Saturday, April 4, 2015

Success is not Isolated#124

Go out and get an education so you can be a success in life.  What a mouthful and a challenge for a mind following this false path. This is not criticism, but is not "success" an illusion if we are not sharing in its making?  How is there such a thing on an isolated basis?
We say, 'Go get it and be happy'.  On this path, to have something, it must be taken, even if given to you, it must first be taken from somewhere.  Is a Movie Star a success because they are popular and people are taking pictures of them?  Is that success; to be seen different than others, isolated?  Look at the successful, are they without worry and sorrow?  Sure, they have the financial resources to meet superficial needs and requirements, but success?  This false success is at our expense, literally, but clearly this is not the success I'm referring to.
  • Success is not taking or reaching the top of anything because it is not external or superficial.  No, this is not the success we aspire to be.  Is that not why you are reading this because you are still searching?  Because you are still curious as the mind is open, expanding, wondering, aware and observant.  You will never settle on the commercial idea or image of success.  
  • You see a deeper and everlasting success as a human that needs no perfecting.  This is why you are wonder, to find out, to flower your wisdom which has presented you with a depth unlike ever imagine within the limitation of traditional success.  
  • No job, car, real estate, beautiful girl or boy will ever do success proper like the success of intelligence, requiring no taking, and contains no sorrow or false dreams.

Relationships and Identity#19

 Relationship is everything around and within us.  The things and people we come in contact with, either physical, visual or mentally, they all have an effect on the creation of our Identify.  

The friends and enemies we have are a result of the interaction, whether pleasant or not.  Meaning we either excepted the relationship, inadvertently, for the building of our image or rejected for the same unconscious reason.

  1. We have friends because they reflect the image of ourselves, therefore it builds our identity.
  2. We have enemies for the same reason, thereby, a rejection of our self-image which still builds our identity.
  3. Therefore the Identity is the result of acceptance and rejection via our relationships with each other; strangers or friends.
However, are our relationships unconscious?  Meaning, are they without conflict and everlasting?  To see this, the origin is important to understand.  If we don't have a relationship with this origin then behavior is unconscious.  Such as...
  1. How are we introduced to people and the environment around us?  Do we pollute because the people around us do?
  2. Do we hate or love because of that introduction?  This plays a very crucial role in unconscious behavior because when it's never challenged or contradicted then it's never questioned or a social concern.  Thereby it festers. 
In looking closely at relationships around you--because we are not alone--we take on an observational role, then are able to apply the observation unto our relationships and identity.  

Find a book or do a search on behavior and discover the origin of your identity.  As well, do an honest and factual self-analysis of your relationships with...everything.  We'd love to meet the real you.