Saturday, January 24, 2015

Conflict and Patriotism #9

What is Patriotism? Lets just go to the root of the matter and call it a vision which is held onto. Don't we hold on to visions? They manifest themselves throughout our lives as tradition, birthdays, holidays, cars, vacations, religion, nationality, work etc. These are all part of the lives we envision happening to ourselves and children. We want these things for our children, but for the better, better than we had it. Don't we say that? "We want the best for you." Yet do we seriously take a look at the root conflict of our actions of patriotism? When have we stopped to look--it's nowhere in the media, in political speeches or public announcements, is it? Why? Because the illusion of patriotism doesn't ask us to look, rather, to be obedient, trusting, honorable, faithful, hardworking and so forth because being patriotic is what we do, BUT don't question it. And why not? The conflict is real.  We send thousands of young adults to war, into the dangerous streets as police officers, millions into traffic everyday in a national and global effort to support patriotism. All that activity is conflict on a very superficial level, but the real conflict is within us. See this--isn't it odd for the human mind to accept an illusion or vision as a fact? Don't agree or disagree, just see it as it is. When was the last time you were having a conversation with someone about your desires and aspirations for the future and they or you stopped the conversation and said; "Wait a minute. I just realized my dreams and aspirations for my life and future are illusions. Oh! My God!! What do I do??" Very few have this insight to actually address themselves and express it as observance. Being disillusioned doesn't mean one is being fooled, because those doing the fooling have already been fooled because conditioning can only produce itself. What? That is to say, a dog can only give birth to a dog, nothing else. So, being disillusioned is universal to the world over, get past that and realize we're conditioned to patriotism and the conflict which is associated with it which is everything we see that is ugly, violent, repulsive, un-this or un-that, politically right or wrong, loving, pleasurable, fun, happy or sad. You see the holding of patriotism is the holding of conflict, even disagreeing with what you read here is the act of experiencing patriotism.  Perhaps one feels might feel offended.  The "right" to agree too disagree? Letting go of it means only to understand and be free of the conflict, not dishonor it.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Putting Words in Your Mouth

Have you been in this situation? You're at work in the office or warehouse doing what you do everyday. You've come to know the work habits of everyone you see and they you.  You know who really works, slacks or is an overachiever, but you don't say anything.  Because whatever happens will be of their doing alone.  Lets say you walk up on a group of two or more colleagues talking when they should clearly be working, and one of them says something you don't hear to the others and they begin to disperse.  Because that person thinks you're that person with some influence and might speak of their actions.  Just then, someone else in the group says, "Oh, that's just (Your Name Here) he/she won't say anything.  Now what just happened here?  It happened to me, I didn't really mind the statement at the moment because I thought what they were doing will catch up to them in time.  But when I stopped to analyse what they did to me, I will never let that happen again.  I will make it clear, even if embarrassment is necessary, that I'm not at all apart your behavior and actions. Nor do I condone what you're doing and don't ever include me in your philosophy again.  And don't include me in your assumptions.  You see, by my silence, I joined them and therefore acknowledged that I'd remain silent about their behavior.  And what of my behavior? That annoyed me about me until I realize the implication. I'm looking forward to changing their mind about me.  We need to speak up for the greater clarity within ourselves, and show what the human capacity is. Rest assured, speaking out will mark you somehow, but they don't see that your mind is on them, even though they may never realize it.  You see something more than office protocol.  You see a society with concern for each other, so you speak out while risking isolation or ridicule.  You hope that someone in the group will see the depth and value of your efforts.  What else do crusaders do?  We seek a long term happiness and compassionate world.  So please, in all your heart, explain to others and don't let someones words and their content be put in your mouth, speak only those words born of your breath and wisdom.