Saturday, June 9, 2018

Faith a Bargain?

Many beliefs require participation, sometimes there is an exchange of money - which resemble deals or bargains. This is not faith, but it is accepted - give something, get something.  The religious person isn't making a deal, his focus is Life which is not a deal or exchange.  But many faiths ask something of you; your time, support, cash, an offering or sacrifice.

And what is the exchange?  Is one connected or is there still 'time' to execute something? Is there enlightenment or the perpetuation of a contract? Are you not in faith for spiritual guidance, awareness, escape, repentance, saving and healing?  

Because there must be purpose which leads to resolve for ones participation and sacrifice.  The answers we seek to understand must end or undue something (sorrow, pain, conflict, violence).  If faith is not ending something, then is one just in a bargain or deal - which is an ongoing future endeavor? 

Yet, if you close your eyes and listen, stop and just listen, there slowly rises a silence and understanding of the motion of thought, which is you.  A process.  You participate, not wait, in the present, regardless of accomplishing anything manifested. Note, there is no exchange or deal taking place, merely an inquiring soul looking for a way out of something - its own sorrow, pain or anxiety of the mind and its reactions.  This mind wants to understand and heal the world.  Participation is action.

In that action of Meditation, you are connecting with that godliness, eternal, the religion of Being, even repentance and sacrifice fade instantly.  Deals take time and life out of us, contrarily, meditation stops time, enlightens and lets flow everlasting Life.