Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Social Learning Theory

Albert Bandura theorized that cognitive, environmental and behavioral factors were powerful development processes in humans at an early age.
  1. We learn by observing parents, friends, TV, symbolic models as books, radio, and film.
  2. We learn by intrinsic, and internal thought; reinforcements play a major role.
  3. Observational learning does not necessarily lead to imitated or changed behavior.
  4. Basically, in this process, behavior increases by external stimuli via social reinforcement and or punishment.
Note that expansion/learning are not without conflict and division. With accumulation comes confusion- what is right, wrong, accepted or not. More is not without conflict.  

Observe that expansion is illusory, yet socially beneficial, short term. I might suggest that true, mindful expansion is the realization of limitations that create insecurity and division. Only then can one be mindful and see that 'learning' is not the pinnacle of humanity. In this observance, significant and fundamental change begins in the world.   www.eckharttolle.com  www.psychologytoday.com