Sunday, December 17, 2017

Mirror Image

The enlightened appear to contradict. No matter the time, place, or circumstance.  They contradict not merely in opposition, but because the self is not present and has discovered itself beyond its image.
  • The enlightened will respond to the troubled self being presented before them.  And so the 'enlightened' response is aware that everyone who comes is seeking or suffering from a dogma, to repeat or justify their situation.  But the 'enlightened' will not agree or disagree, but respond completely.   
  • The enlightened are not looking and reacting from a 'mirror image' of themselves, because there is nothing to see, the mirror is empty, no reflection.  But those with a dogma to repeat, want to be heard, right, truthful, religious, all powerful, so they want to repeat and repeat and repeat. Because they are troubled.
  • The enlightened are not repeating or reactionary, have no dogma, scripture, religion, theory, scientific knowledge etc. They are merely responding to that which is presented before it, the 'mirror image' of the other.  Yet, the self is troubled by his own 'mirror image' and surely an enlightened response, contradicts that 'mirror image.'

Yet, be sure, the enlightened response is without opinion, sorted truths, beliefs, agenda, clinging to this or that, or all that divides and conflicts.  By response, the enlightened are merely presenting the potential of being, the potential we are, that is all.