Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Shoot the Tree, Not the Body

Often we hear someone or something was either killed or destroyed because it is believed it/they crossed some moral belief, law, boundary, code, truth etc.  It is humanly wasteful when violence occurs when this cognitive line is crossed.

Someone says something unexpected, perceived as rude, unholy, fearful, said in the wrong building or social circumstance.  It happens, we've all reacted or been the brunt of the reaction.  Some are so furious, they hate, despise or kill another.  It is power our reactionary conditioning, but curable. 

How did it happen that value in a tree is more than the body.  This is metaphoric, but watch this.  Man goes into the forest and cuts down a tree, then turns it into furniture because it now has value. We're then told to protect it...with our lives if necessary. Simple, but frighteningly real because in this concept, many lives have been lost to suffering because the tree is now more valuable then the body.

Invariably someone is going to argue, lash-out, condemn, hate, or think this message is stupid etc. Generally because of rights, culture expectation, belief etc. This is not clear rational.  But such reactions remind us what we value, truly...the tree or the body...existence?