Thursday, October 29, 2015

Living and Dying #32

Everything within you, around you, things you like, dislike, love and hate is what we call "living."  This is not a comparison, which is a reaction deemed normal.  Living.  We accept it consciously and not always subconsciously, but it is still a dead thing.  Nothing grows from comparisons only flounders in decisions.

All the violence, war, pleasure, conflict, jealousy, division and so forth are all measures of living.  Accept them or not, they are within our action as the creators.  What is known is our doing, from a shared and controlled past.  

There are many psychological and physical forms of dying; we die to bad habits, prejudices, truths, magic, superstitions, and endless symbols.  In observing our divided and conflicted world, is it not a matter of survival to 'willing' die? Psychologically? For the world? Just as death in wars for honor, why not for vitalizing existence?

Dying is not a fearful acquisition, but a pleasure, joy, peaceful and of great importance.  As it is and understanding and freedom from the past conflicts.  As with living, it is feared and shunned.  In Life it is the celebration and rebirth.  An encumbrance of the toils of living.