Saturday, October 17, 2015

A Simulated Division

Why are we pulled to nature?  Pulled to the garden, to the forest, woods or lake?  We have pets.  There are scientists who fetch animals from nature and fill zoos and museums.  But surely not for study only.  This act of simulation is intrinsic in humans.

It is the subconscious effort (at the homeostatis level where the body regulates stability) to simulate with our nature, get back to simplicity of an intelligent existence.  There is always an action trying to simulate, even for a short while; standing in the rain, wind, cold, heat or watching a fire.  We always stare at weather, a stream, lake or ocean.

However, within simulation, division is conditionally reacting and without it, there is no simulation, but it reveals intelligent urges for an existence of intelligence, ease, vitality, energy, and presence. As we are not present, connected or enthusiastic about Life, rather, we're separated by the idea of Living by 'thought'.    

In our state of confusion and conflict, isn't there more clarity when we discover something?  Like listening to a stream, children at play, beautiful sunset - this is discovery - and rare - as the mind is broadened and expands with less division, more energy, which is closer to simulation...a connection.  Love. Mindfulness. Godliness.