Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Violence and Non-violence #30

Acceptance in ideas are basic forms of initial violence, they come into our lives without notice. If we're aware of it, there would be no acceptance.  Why accept and live with violence?  

We abhor violence, yet we invite it in our lives and relationships. Yet we react as if violence comes to us from another, just as we believe love comes through another.  As with love, you have to be it to live and express it, anything else is a personification of love.

Violence is equally as befuddling, as we accept the loving and social ideas and images which are used like a sword to strike violence upon ourselves and others.  We say we don't mean to, but their it is, in our minds, waiting for the opportunity to explode at the slightest contradiction or threat to our embedded ideals and beliefs.  

What then is non-violence?  Is it real? Or just an escape for the mind?  Of course, it isn't real.  There is violence or nothing! What is the opposite of love? Nothing! If we are attacked, we want it to cease, but the mind turns the escape into non-violence, the illusion of security and a false pursuit.  

We need only be mindful of the incipient and provenance of violence, then we see clearly non-violence as nonsense!