Friday, March 16, 2018

No Purpose in Life

There is a distinction between Life and what we think and learn 'is' life.  Generally, there will be denial because there must be a purpose because we're alive and have dreams, goals, knowledge, faith, ambition etc.  Or one has delved into themselves and has become aware of Life, not what is thought about it culturally or nationally.  Thought is the distance between living and Life.
  • Rarely do we meet someone enlightened who has journeyed from living one way--within the ego's structure of thought--to a continued journey of Life.  
  • We must ask ourselves, what happens if there is no purpose?  The question has no answer or a belief, but an experience, an inward journey, whereby all belief, fear, doubt and faith have dropped through awareness of a false purpose and what remains is Life.  
It is this journey which unfolds a true, rooted and everlasting purpose with no beginning and no end.  For life is what we are, a continuance.  And discovering that is purpose enough.