Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Experience is either close or not. The connection or closeness to the experience enhances (calms) or disturbs (conflicts) life.

The goal, then, is to reconnect by discovering that which creates the disconnection. There are many theories and practices but only one 'way'.

  • In theory and actuality, congruence is a major psychological role, in that, one is closer to the experience. As defined; the act of experience along or connected with the experience, and the more incongruent, the less the experience and the self are as one.  In disharmony. 
  • Further, as an example; giving birth, females experience the euphoria while the onlooker (daddy) is incongruent of the direct experience.

  • Further, if one is happy and the experience is distant in that moment then one is incongruent or distant of that happiness. But if the experience and what is said is actual or congruent than the experience is as one or closely connected. (we're not expressing experience as a start and ending point)

But what does it mean in our daily living?  In my interpretation, the more equidistant the human condition is (meaning the experience and the being never connect, and the more enlightenment eludes Life. And is that not the goal without being an ending?  To move past experience into Life's intelligent reality?