Monday, December 21, 2015

Ip'id: No Tricks Apology

Ip'id grew aware that a trick of the ego will do this:
You quarrel with someone, perhaps with a friend, boss, paramour etc. You stumble out of character, screaming to embarrassment, and you storm away from each other.

Later you calmed yourself, thoughts come to you rationally, and you wonder about your actions and character.  You don't like it.

You must make amends, and go to them and apologize because you know better and won't let it happen again.

But it will happen again because the ego will slip again and repeat the pattern because it is not a sincere thing if unrecognized. So it rebuilds itself as before the quarrel by asking for forgiveness.  

However, if we take rational thoughts, sit down and meditate, look back at our actions, behavior, words spoken, the state of unconscious behavior etc. we become aware...That is the moment to apologize because we're now speaking from our being, the center of ourselves...a place of calm.

We then apologize as directed by our being, what meditation has taught and opened up to us.  Our being.  Then explain you were unconscious, irrational and confused who you were, but now I see clearly the error and of my tricky ego.  Now continue the relationship without false apologies.