Thursday, July 9, 2015

Hope is Desire

Don't take this literally.
Hope is a desire,
a desire to be away from yourself,
yourself, that you don't understand,
We don't understand so we look to the future for healing, guidance.

To become desireless
one must look past the desire,
look past the belief in a higher power or form
past a power the doubtful mind cannot fathom.
How is the doubtful mind acting purely or knowing truth?

We cannot know that which is immaterial,
something so vase and unknowing, that one must personify it
put it within our understanding; make it think like us, and act like us to control our destiny.  But it is not human.

It is Law. The universe, heavens, creation, the eternal and reality are all one Law.
We cannot rely on a law to hear our pleas,
We must follow law and find bliss,
We must let it be so that we may be.
Become it, not oppose it.