Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Wisdom and Education#28

The educated man is looking to do something to a life he doesn't understand, a world he knows nothing about and a fate he cannot see or control.

The educated man is wondering what is going on with his well made and executed plans; why the wars, diseases, pollution and social division?

The educated man is forever caught within the prism of his own narrow and painful thinking. Caught!

The educated man debates about knowledge and all it has, is an will do in the future while he never lives in the present.

One day the educated man heard of, and sought out, the wise man, curious and already thinking less of him before meeting him. Face to face and before the educated man could speak, the wise man said, "Sit and listen, and all will fade."  Instead the educated man began questioning and talking until a man sitting nearby began to laugh.  Not at him but at himself.  The educated man asked, "what is so funny?" he felt foolish.  The man replied, "I did the same thing a year ago, and all questions have faded."