Monday, June 29, 2015

Root of Song

Why do we like some music immediately and some not? 
Why does this occur?

No, we don't mean on the conscious level, whereby, the ego decides which preference or not.  This is not immediate, but preferred.  To simple and shallow.  As the ego and image are desirous; wanting more and more.  Clearly disconnected.

The question of being rooted is essential, how else the immediacy? 
How is something immediate without roots?  We feel a connection when we see loved ones, hear water flow, feel the breeze soothe our skin, touch without fear or smell a chalice aroma.  Are they not immediate?  

Suppose a disconnection with the senses.  Than what takes place? Nothing.  You are a dead thing.  Thus, when music enters, sprouted roots are stimulated, and for a songs short life, connects us with the whole, thereby, the immediacy!  Something pure would do that.