Monday, August 7, 2017

Asking Help from Your Children

From birth a parent is an authority figure to their child; guiding, educating, loving, yelling and desiring a certain outcome in children’s behavior.  I heard, we have until age ten or so when their independent thinking takes over, and then it becomes difficult to influence thereafter.  

  • One of the best ways I’ve observed while being in the Big Bros. of LA program is simply asking the youth to help you with something, especially if they are struggling with math, for instance. You might ask for help with a related pre-algebra problem they are having. When we are in need of others, they rise to their best. This has a tremendous impact.  

  • First, they don’t feel alone or isolated, it encourages maximum effort in helping you, an adult, and you see exactly what they know. Underneath their exterior, they’re dying to show you what they can do, let them while you show your vulnerabilities and needs. Let them take control, trade places if you will. 

Still, it is very crucial to exercise this at an early age when they can’t detect what’s going on.  We don’t want them seeing your act as a form of humiliation. If done at an early age, it will seem normal as they grow and they will flourish with all the enthusiasm you have for them to succeed.  

Ask them from time to time for help, instead of telling them what to do all the time.  Ask and you will receive?...Something like that. :]