Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Truth and Fact #24

This has happened to you, hasn't it? Someone you know says something about someone or something and you immediately think it's the truth.  Watch! Did you contradict them or accept it?  We see it in our actions; we either call them on it or not.  It's one thing to say, "Come on! That's not true." Or "Tell me more."  Fine, but how often does one go into the difference between Fact and Truth?

I've had this conversation with a hand full of people.  I was the instigator because of the awareness; this person needed additional input and thought provoking insight.  They didn't need me to confirm if the information or rumor was valid--not the point--they needed to go beyond this level of pettiness. 

Let's be clear, hearing information from someone is a reflection of themselves which has become a universal truth unto themselves, culture, image, ego etc. Note, that everyone comes to the conclusion of truth by a system of belief, culture, tradition, faith, expectation, thereby conditioned.

And Fact?  How does one arrive at fact and differentiate it from truth?  Look past the limits of truth and see that Fact if not arriving from somewhere, there is no journey, it isn't cultivated via tradition, faith or any other forms of conditioning.  When I mention the earth is made of dirt, water, fire and sky, that is fact.  We don't have to think, debate, vote, punish or coerce each other over it.  It is without dispute.  Truth cannot stand by it.  Therein we see that fact is not of the mind, this is the trouble with truth.  Once this is realized, the fact of you transcends the truths of life.  www.mindful.org  www.eckharttolle.com www.osho.com