Tuesday, July 21, 2015


'Use your imagination' is a statement often associated with adolescents and adults, not with children.  With them we say with admiration, 'what an imagination you have.'  In the statement, there is a longing as one is separate from the experience.

From a child's perspective, they know nothing of the meaning, no sense of absence. How are they to conceive what they are? Because a child isn't separate from the experience of imagination. For instance, while playing they look happy, which is their state and experience.  

Unlike the adult; forever striving, searching, pondering and hoping for a rekindled imagination and happiness.  Why such effort for consistent happiness?  It appears the death of imagination is the death of happiness in its purest form.  

A child is evidence of imagination.  Watch, observe what they're teaching you. Do they judge? Hold a grudge? Avoid conflict? Lie? These are taught later. Remember, there is nothing dead about a child--this is how the imagination and happiness live on. www.mindful.org  www.LookWithinYou.com