Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Choice and Reward #25

The illusion of choice is a patriotic notion in the world; to have a choice is to represent freedom of it.  Look closely at this.  Where in our lives are we the initiator? Said the thinker.
Do we offer the Regulations, Laws or faith to the public? How about the material goods in the stores?  Did we initiate anything?  How then are we making a choice when it has been made for us?  This is not a trick question, merely direct.  The reality is, we choose from what is offered to choose from.  Who is this thinker for us? Authority?
With the accepted conditioning of individuality, we think and enjoy making a choice in reference to our freedoms.  Look at this carefully.  All our choices, which are now in your possession, have already been made for you by culture and history, we simply chose from the offerings.  
Remember, there is always an origin to our actions—solidifying an entity.  Be aware, our choices are created by the offering--from parents, priest, police, etc.--which is the illusion of the ego believing it has the right-to-choose.  

Forget not, everything given has a Master which approves what is taken.  This is our reward?