Thursday, April 23, 2015

Image and Tradition #23

It’s a tradition to have an image of state, self, faith, love, desire or rebirth.  Just as at night we have an image of tomorrow and what to expect.

We expect good things from ourselves, friends, family and even strangers, which is expected traditionally.  This is the image we have of living which is a tradition.

One can’t live without the other; tradition is as image reflecting tradition or a foundation of an image from which to build a cultural tradition.

Although, this is a narrow form of living; from within the limits of an image, draped in tradition.  For in the image, there is the history of conflict and violence.

In the end, how is one to escape violence without destroying the image within the tradition?  

As we look at Life with our hearts, where truth lies, we’ve searched within ourselves, solving those questions of violence. And once the veil fades, there waiting, is our love of life.