Monday, April 6, 2015

Unconscious and Conscious #18

  1. There are state-of-mind debates; whether it's conscious or unconscious and what constitutes this state.  Then what?  You don't hear that while having breakfast, and at that moment, is isn't very important.  One is merely hungry.  But the question lies within the action of that state, its root function.  This root is intelligence or unconscious.
  2. We've heard false representation by the conditioned or conscious state which interprets itself as consciousness or being awake.  Also, we've heard, while unconscious--which stands to basic reasoning--we're in another state or unaware.   Yet, the unconscious action to the conscious mind is an intelligent root action--illusive to the conscious.  Thus, intelligence is not customarily awake, but observant, vital and watchful.  
  3. We see this as consciousness only controls superficial actions as debates, progressive pursuits and desires.  And what's “un” about that?  The opposite of being conscious is nothing, but the conscious mind is unaware of itself and this state.  Thereby debate.  We desire to undue conflict, yet under the illusion of conscious, it remains no more than a secure thought.   
  4. By mere comparison, the unconscious mind wants nothing to do with nothing, on the contrary, it's fearful of being and doing nothing while distracted and wanting everything.  Just as we cannot undue violence and transform to a state of non-violence with debate.  There is either something or nothing.  These unconscious debates are like trying to find where the wind originates.  Alas, it is a wiser and unconscious act to enjoy it than wonder of its