Saturday, July 25, 2015

Joy and Peace #16

"Peace", as we understand, is motivated by ideals, image, faith, war and struggle, but importantly a reaction to social conflict.  We hear leaders say "peace is the answer and needed throughout the world." But why is conflict associated with "peace"? Please, this is not about local or regional threats, but why is there an association with conflict and peace?  

Because 'peace' is an outcome, a social or personal goal or desire. We vote, petition and agree that it is necessary and 'the way things should be.'  We want peace so we can stay distracted with making money, consuming, gaining power and pursuing material things.  We spend years in school and millions on it.  That is the association with conflict.

When then is there time for observance of "joy"?  Do we see that "Joy" is a word with no past or future progressive action?  It is a word not implying action or movement. Not pleasure or happiness which are inducted or desired.  Suppose "joy" isn't a word at all? Because the word 'joy' is not joy.   
So, then if a word carries no past or future progressive action then it is useless. Which is what 'joy' is, not man-made for conflict.  We want words to be useless because no conflict rises and joy can just be what it is--clarity, vitality and energy.  Watch a baby and see it for yourself, that "bundle of Joy."  Again, suppose it's not a word, but space.  You may not see it, but we're all looking for empty, silent space, humming with joy.