Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Experience? #17

Suppose there is no such thing as experience?  But if so, does it start with a sensation or thought?  A physical or mental stimulation?  What is the beginning of anything of the mind/consciousness?  If we ask the question then the observation, answer or theory is still illusive.  The origin of anything is crucial to experience--yes, we can say its a neural response, receptors doing this and that.  But why are we concerned with experience?  To feel alive? Suppose there is an answer then what?  We can only be sure some scientist, priest, guru, mathematician etc. will step up and contradict the information, knowledge, perception etc. with his or hers.  Are we to believe and value those of authority or our own perception, sensation or observations?
It's tricky.  Lets say YOU as a physical form is a thousand years old, and you carry no name, power, belongings, desires, past history, nothing within you but the cessation of silence, energy and vitality.  YOU the physical form without worry of "self" and "image".  Traveling through the centuries without quarrel or concern, nothing called the "mind" or "thought" to disillusion your future thousand years, which you haven't been counting.  Without YOU, there is no ending or beginning, meaning, we've been here thousands of years or more, returning over and over again, renewed in the variable of humanity and expression.
Of course, it is of no value in a form without YOU struggling to understand experience.  When you already are the experience...just moving beautifully with the eternal.  
Whatever you feel created you, and or is guiding your actions, we are that experience which is a totality everlasting.  As mentioned, the origin of something is crucial and we are the experience of that thing.