Thursday, March 12, 2015

Conclusion and Security#15

Suppose when you're leaving the house, you become noticeably afraid or on guard.  You look left, right, over your shoulder, and stop to listen while walking to and from your car, yet when you return home it all fades away the instant you walk in the door. Whew!  I made it back, now the mind is secure again in a general sense.  It can finally "conclude" with its understanding of security which is behind locked doors and walls.  Of course, this is a dramatic description, but is a real reality, but isn't address so openly.  We rarely hear conversation like this when we step in the house; "Hi honey.  I made it back through all the crime, killings and social mayhem that we're going to see on the news.  How was your day?"  
However, there are subtleties to security, like locking the car and house door or complaining as if "other" people are the problem.   It's easier to address when it's not "me".  I mentioned in another Blog, how "one thing leads to the next" or "gives birth to something else".  The same applies to this title work; the conclusions we act upon "become" the securities we're victim to.  Let's suppose our house is our mind which is secure with the idea and image of it being a "safe" place.  We lock our doors.  Yet when we leave that sanctuary what happens?  We leave the image behind and are exposed, unable to control things outside the security zone or sanctuary.  There are, of course, variables to consider, but see the fact; when the mind/humans are conclusive, as in the security of holding conclusions, they are expressed as tradition, images, culture, belief and visions etc.  
How does one act when it isn't first conclusive?  How do we find "trust" or "belief" in someone if not for its representation in culture, tradition and self-image?  There is always an anchor (house) in which to act from.  How is a boat stable without an anchor?  If not, its set adrift, like a mind exposed and free of security--a positive event.  Still, as the mind is conclusive with ideas and images etc., it becomes repetitive, fearful, selfish, vulnerable, tired, predictable, violent and depressive.  Then why seek security?  Because its all the mind is.  So, in observance of ourselves, we see it's not simply a matter of social interaction, rather is BORN through our interaction, to be sure.  It is a core action or condition, and if it's in your house, it's in you.