Saturday, February 7, 2015

Memory and Time #11

What we remember seems secondary to how it was created.  Do we think about trash once it leaves our hand?  Or the traffic once we pull into the garage?  What about some angry encounter with someone at the store?  No, because they were stupid.  Truth is, we're relieved to forget the conflicts in life and retain the good memories.  Who wants to live with a head full of anger and unpleasant images?...Maybe that stupid person at the story.  But even he, like most of us, have never ever given thought to the actions of the memory and its relationship with "time", not chronological time.  You knew that.  How then is memory created? Consider, initially, there must be space to fill.  Generally, if you're reading this, your memory, at least, is functioning.  Is that not the actions of the memory, created by knowledge, culture or experience?  Consider, that space is being conditioned and filled with a artificial reality called "thought".  This enables us to read this.  In addition, this is where "time" comes in, but I won't explain the abstractions associated.  Still, we experience it as normal and, therefore, don't question it's creation or origin.  One might suppose, humans are supposed to think.  Now, there's a debate!  Simply, "time" is progression, whereas, one thing must always come before the other, just like reading this passage (one-word-before-the-other).  Observe as you read--we don't try and look at the entire page for meaning, on the contrary, we look at each word in sequence--a progression or time.  By the time you've finished its minutes later.  And "thought" is created in the same way which is a progression.  As there is always some "thing" or form which is created before something else, to use or be put in, meaning, the brain has space which creates the memory to form, so "time" can create "thought" which IS "time".  It lives in the memory and throughout the body.  This is how memory is created.   We must realize how important relationship is on our planet?  What is your relationship with the world?  I hope this is not the first time you've heard or considered this query.