Sunday, January 11, 2015

The basic Workings of Belief #154

This is a touchy subject; the subject of Belief.  It has the reputation of causing many degrees of separation, conflict, tension, anxiety, desires, opposition, fear and division.  One side against the other.  Then lets strip away all the cultural and social ideals and images associated and what do we have?  It is such that, two people, cities, regions or nations are holding on to the past; whatever that is.  Holding and holding, as the mind can't let go of something it can't understand which forms the attachment.
This is the basic issue of belief, we hold on the content of it, which is vast with culture and tradition.  And in that moment of contradiction we are confronted with what seems to be an affront or attack on that content. Yet it has a different effect when it is agreed upon or accepted on some social or intercultural level, such as two regions support a beneficial issue.  
This is the basic workings of belief as I observe it socially; our minds are blindly holding on to the desires and future hopes of the content of belief which is merely a response or reaction to a positive or negative stimuli.  And by the way, it can't be taken from you.  No not ever.  So, suppose we didn't react?  Would it keep us apart as it often does?  It can't be taken from you, remember?  Suppose.