Monday, July 27, 2015

Quick to Hate #153

Many times we find ourselves reacting unconsciously to a word, look, smell, sound, whatever is unacceptable. Then for selfish and secure reasons and beliefs etc. we launch our defensive attack.  Our ego and image are hurt, exposed, fearful and in need of repair. Which can lead to hate.

Why so quick to hate, dismiss or neglect?  To some degree it is a natural response, which is whole, but a reaction is partial, narrow, divided and conditioned.  In this state, our first or initial reactions is to reject something that has been taught as traditional or cultural.  That is when we react, because that action is reduced in scope, where response is whole and expansive to all.  Like picking up a banana peel so no one slips because we know it benefits all who pass.   

We must be aware that in that moment of rejection, the lower levels of consciousness are guiding your actions, not ones words. Our words are merely a messenger of those lower level memories and conditional responses.  One might call it the unconscious actions of the conscious while unaware of its origin.  

Reconsider won't you, the next time you reject and dismiss someone and realize that beyond thought, the subconscious is forming those words and behavior. And in that observance put 'hates' energy on reconciliation, acceptance, understanding, godliness and embracing the ugliness within. For we can't heal unless we identify with the