Friday, January 30, 2015

Present and Future #10

Why is there a need for the future?   Why or how was the future created in the mind?  Interesting to note that the present isn't created, it has always been, yet the mind yearns for it, wanting to "find enough time to do all the things we want to do."  That is the use of the future, to dream about what is yet to be had.  Yet, the present is always preferred over the unknowns of the future and regrets of the past.  We feel this to a truth because when we watch a child at play, we smile and yearn to be there, where the mind is simple, free, imagining, vital and in the present.  Who doesn't find these of the highest living qualities?
So, then, what if the mind wasn't conditioned to the future, then what?  Then it is obvious?  Is it difficult to imagine?...Not to ever be conditioned or introduced to the concept that there's something beyond the present.  No future.  Is it so terrible to see no tomorrow?  Is it not a mirror of yesterday and today?  Yes, living is much then dreams, goal and promises.  In a conditioned state, one might reject this notion immediately and say, "what nonsense", "he doesn't know what he's talking about" or "this is stupid."  True, I'm not trying to makes verbal sense, but expressing an observance of conditioning.  Our conditioning.  An opposing or disagreeing statement is expected because we're comforted by our conditioned state, as it is predictable, safe and rewarding,  So threats warrant a response.
To question is to see anew.  Again, what's the point of the "future"?  Is it not merely a reflection of our desires, hopes, dreams and destiny as the mind attempts to escape the "present" conflicts by creating a place called the "future" where time can heal those conflicts?  Where we have time to think, debate and vote about what action to take.  Imagine--if there wasn't a future then where would we put these things of the mind? Think on this--if we act upon them in the present, they live and breath and if projected into the future, are they NOT already DEAD?  Do as a child would and see no future but the present.  When this is understood in our observance, a disassociation with the Future occurs at the present emerges.  It doesn't hurt.