Friday, January 2, 2015


What happens when we don't accept something or someone?  What takes place in that moment?  Are we observant or aware of that action?  I see that we are, it is a matter of survival, perhaps not 99% of the time, but it is a necessary human mechanism.  We must reject some things in order to keep survival in motion, no matter how trivial it may seem at the time.  The question is--what is that something up against when trying to get past our defenses?  What is that block?  Have you ever tried to get someone to try "just a little bit" of something and they just won't budge, almost to the point of your frustration?  It won't hurt?...We say or "come on ya wimp".  We say anything to get them to accept our offerings.  Yet, we all have this mechanism at some time under various circumstances--inwardly or outwardly, it happens and is universal.  I still won't eat peas by themselves (what a wimp).  Why?  Well, they're nasty, period, but in that moment my defenses are on high alert, warning me of some pending doom.  There is reason beyond our reasoning for justification, as the body alone reacts.  Can you imagine all the low-level chemical reactions taking place when the mind perceives something the whole body is prepared to reject?  My whole physical-being is reacting to a pile of peas on a plate--first the smell, visual, touch (maybe), and finally taste.  All these senses are screaming--No! No! No!  Therefore, the body is preparing for that attack--we make faces and noises etc.  Right?  That's part of its defenses.  What is that block we mentioned earlier?  Simply, put, our total consciousness throughout the body/mind--how can it be something separate from that?  It is everything, the total content of ourselves holding off this or that, anything threatening.  Watch yourself, observe the words you speak, observe how you react when listening.  In short, be aware of the action of nonacceptance, you and I might be on the other end.