Friday, January 9, 2015

Conditioning and Obedience#7

"Thinking" is a process--one thing must come before or after the other, that's clear, therefore, conditioning gives birth to obedience because it is the root and everything that follows is its content.  An action is moving along side another, but in front or behind it, for example.  There must be a conditioned response in order to be obedient to something, anything.  The ego doesn't like accepting the fact of obedience, this is partially why there's so much rejection within ourselves and others.  Ego against ego.  We're very good at ridicule and rejection of ourselves and others.  Its a fact, and why there is so much division in our lives and the world at large.  Suppose obedience wasn't there, would there be war, pollution and that state of the world now?  Think on that phenomenon, that very absence of obedience is...what?  Think about all the things in your life at this moment that you've accepted by being obedient--forget the image of being treated or acting like a dog or amusement park whale, but just the mere fact of ones obedience in society.  Remember, one must accept it to be obedient to it.  If your mother says to do this, that and the other, you may either act grown-up and resist for a moment, or do it immediately, but we generally will do it.  Sure, there a circumstances, but the point is made, we act.  Still, suppose its some form of authority which requires us to perform some community act or fork over some cash for some untimely reason.  What happens?  Jury duty--come on, I think I've made my point.  We can kick and scream all we want, but we have to make a phone call or make a visit, yet we'll eventually act out of civil obedience.  In good, bad, patriotism or godly faith, we act.  So, then we see that obedience is conditioned, and "conditioning" the source of obedience, if we look at ourselves closely we see it, however, we're unable to when the ego or image is in the way.  Don't say, "he doesn't know what he's talking about", "that's not true", "I don't believe that" because these are the sounds of the ego and image which clouds our vision and holds us in a place of comfort and yet we're more than that, more than obedient.  Lets be clear, the act of obedience has a relative social component, therefore, a cultural necessity, we're not saying it's a negative at all, merely looking at its relationship...between it and you.  Keep in mind, what "we are" is not wrong, but conditioned.  Simply, put, if we're concerned about a free society, it starts with a clear mind, as written above--one thing must come before the other.  As we become aware of obedience, we step closer to freedom by observing the path to it. Self-Help n' Stuff