Sunday, January 4, 2015

Compassion and Love#5

Society seems to wrestle with the meaning or definition of compassion and love, they are often confused with  the other--generally age, experience and belief the basic factors.  Yet, there are cultural factors as well, for instance, come cultures don't embrace each other or even kiss, surely this doesn't mean there isn't a form of love they accept and live by, still an outside culture would feel uncomfortable with that form of expressing love.  Could you go years without kissing or hugging someone you think you love?  Not if that is what's accepted and expressed around you.  The actions of our society form the actions of ourselves, so we accept a form of love we have no control over, it is merely passed from one mind to the other.  I'm not going to explain my understand of love here (see Article #4 for that).  However, if we look at compassion--not what it means, but what it is, and how do we do that without meaning?  Simply look past meaning and look at your action towards yourself and the world, and not in selfish or personal terms--I like to do this or that, like to eat everything--no, we mean ones total action within oneself is the same outside of it as well.  See it this way--if someone comes to you in a situation where you and they would expect "no" in reply, a friend or stranger, and you help them anyway, yet in the back of your mind you know you'll never be repaid in any form--you know this from some past event or events, still we help.  Why?  Well, I'm not going to explain something you already have lived through, so I'll share my view.  Sure, there are times I say "no" to both friend and stranger, but still I'll help because I don't want their world to dominate over mine.  Do you see this?  I want them to see that a stranger or friend shows concern.  That's the world within me, so it comes out.  If conflict is the state of the world and we suffer, then it could just as easily be one of compassion, therefore, I push that content out into the world.  It sounds simplistic, but there is an effect, and I may never see the results, and sometimes I do from the look on their face when I give or say more than expected.  Why not push your compassion out into the world--many of us are pushing out violence, hatred and power etc. so why not push your form of compassion?  We'll be waiting.