Friday, October 24, 2014

Multiples of You #150

Have you heard yourself or someone complaining about all the different problems there are to deal with?  If you listen carefully, you’ll hear the reason.  Listen to all the problems coming out of a single human form.  See how a single body manifests countless conflicts in its existence.  In “conflicts” we mean “thought”, not merely aggression etc.  Listen how we say, “I have a problem.” “They have a problem.”  See how so many pebbles make up the beach?  You see?  The beauty is the beach, made up of billions and billions of granules.  Metaphorically, the single thought doesn’t makeup the whole.  We must observe this, and take that approach; there is only one conflict with humanity, which is divided by perception and expressed as individuality.  See how, I have a problem forms, as opposed to we or there is a problem.  One mind has a multitude of expressions.  The weight of this condition is heavy and sorrowful, as the mind tries to fix each problem with a set of individual rules, procedures, analysis, or knowledge; however, there is false resolution in procedures.  We hear, “I’m afraid of cats and went to a therapist and now I’m cured.”  That part of “you” thinks it’s fixed something, and maybe is has, but falsely as a comfort.  Still, good, because a little relief is the beginning of more.  But the next “you” still has problems with the world which must be addressed.  What about the financial “you” who doesn’t have enough money?  That fragment of you will now address that single problem.  With all this as the minds conditioning, why does it never occur to address the whole form/mind with one motion, as it were.  It takes a glimpse of enlightenment/awareness to cease the “you” phenomenon.  We all have this power, us it.  Just one step back as you ask, what is this process?  Wait, as you let go of what you know or believe.  Wait, and don’t think of anything, just ask the question without looking for an answer.  Because the answer didn’t create the problem, the individual “you” did, respectfully.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Level of Words #149

We very often find ourselves associating with a word, how it makes us feel, react to someone, view a region of the world, a religion, group, friend etc.  We react because the word has an attachment for us, some level of image which is combined with information and knowledge.  The ego does this as it associates and identifies with itself, as this process is crucial for it to stay alive, in control and relevant.  However, if you don’t like a word, and it has a nasty connotation in your mind, you can simple change the word and, thus, it's association.  Find one that better fits your understanding, this will broaden you, pull you away slowly from identification with this level of words.  Watch, the exchange of words will alter your image in others eyes, there are expectations that will crumble and fall away.  Be watchful, help them.  Words create distance and are painful because there are others in your world who cling to this word-level, it is a comfort and culture.  The identification is strong and inseparable.  So you have a different word-level, and you want others to follow you, and they do not.  It sounds easy, but the ego or image of oneself is at risk under the conflict of change.  Be wary, but you must go, for some will follow.  You must tell and explain, It’s just a word, not your life or your problems.  It is just a breath come forth, no more or less. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

The Unrecognized #148

There is often, under the state of unconsciousness, the incessant voice of denial within our association with “bad” or “violent” behavior.  For example; someone ends their life or performs an act of terrorism.  Somehow, we think we’re not directly involved in that process.  Note, I didn’t say, at fault, rather, “in that process.”  And what does that imply?  To say, someone is at fault for killing themselves or committing an act of terrorism is short sited about the unconscious state which is the conditioning of oneself and the world around them.  One might ask, “How does one behave under a conditioned state?”  Please, be clear, they operate on a subconscious level, unrecognized within themselves.  Imagine the last person that had contact with a suicidal person, was the one who, unconsciously, pushed them over that edge.  Had that last person a conscious mind, who understands the making of suffering, pain, isolation, how it comes about, then there would’ve been outstretched hands, an open mind, compassion and concern.  One doesn’t place blame when there is complete understanding, taking in the scope of human interaction, cause and effect etc.  It isn’t possible.  As we see how things are created, there is then clarity, understanding, connection and healing.  One doesn’t blame with this clarity—one helps, encourages, and educates with that wisdom.  There is recognition in ones actions, and those of others, which are the actions of humanity, the terrorist, the self-afflicted soul who’s willing to die to escape sorrow.  We must help them recognize the unrecognized.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Prosperity #147

If it isn’t now, when is it?  We look for prosperity in the future which means the present is disturbing in some form or manner.  The future and past have taken hold of the present, turning it unbearable, so the future becomes an active goal or pursuit and the present dissatisfying in the moment which isn’t.  We have to look to the past to envision the future for prosperity.  In constantly looking ahead, we feel prosperity must come from effort, knowledge, through others etc. but this is merely reactionary, an impulse without self-acknowledgement; if so, on a superficial level.  Let’s say you want riches and better communication with family etc., and you look to the future for things to improve, why are we waiting?  “Everything takes time,” you think?  Why do we wait for the unknowns of the future when the present is alive with everything necessary for prosperity to flower?  We look to the future because the ego is created in time and time is never in the present, but the past and future.  The ego stays alive by never being satisfied in the present, there is nothing life-sustaining.  It must keep moving and searching for prosperity, it must identity with it as a movement because to stop searching and desiring means it’s death in a mind which thinks “everything takes time.”  So what is prosperity without each other?  Isolation!  Even hunter animals aren't prosperous without prey, nor the hunted without something to prey upon.